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Week One

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Hi there!

This week we are going to talk about the theme ''ALL ABOUT ME'', we also are going to learn about the letter A, color RED, number ONE and the CIRCLE shape

Hope you enjoy it!.

Enter this link to access all the printables that you need for this week:

Day 1

Circle Time

Letter A & Shape Circle

All About Me

This is Me

Motor Skills

Pattern with Clips

Day 2

Circle Time

Number One & Color Red

All About Me

Self portrait Art

You need: crayons and cardstock


Watering Plants

Day 3

Circle Time

Letter A & Color Red

All About Me

This is my Name

Motor Skills

Follow the Lines

You need: Tissue paper, glue and worksheet

Day 4

Circle Time

Number 1 & Shape Circle

All About Me


You need: 1 construction paper, printables, crayons and glue


The Family Book

Day 5

Circle Time

Letter A & Number One

All About Me

My Favorite Food

Motor Skills

Gym Class

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